Fire It Up With These 13 Lighter Tattoo Designs

Fire It Up With These 13 Lighter Tattoo Designs

Lighter tattoos are an eternal cool, fire yours up! Something cool about lighter tattoos is that it can always lead up to another tattoo.
It fits basically everywhere and its an awesome built up for some bigger design, get inspired with these 13 ideas!
Devils lighter, by @_kelu_
Every Thing Burns, by @andreiaxtattoos
Sorry for the lighter, by @eergiss
Deck of cards Zippo, by @tattoogrez
Ganja lighter, by @ironfrankieboy
Finger lighter, by Adam Warner
Lighting it up! by Black Needle
Clown lighter, by Davey CXC
This is called the Crack Lighter, by Jason Thiel
Sewing your lighter, by Ma Ga Ga
Lighter between the flowers, by Mannaggia Lamiseria
Face double lighter! Done at Nathan's Tattoo and Piercing
Half chop'd lighter, by Nick Peopleman
Want more lighter ideas? Here you go!
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