Former Bullied Teen Wins Miss Lady Ink UK

Former Bullied Teen Wins Miss Lady Ink UK

A plus-size tattooed model from Westbury beat the odds and won the crown at this year's Lady Ink UK competition.

Meet the winner of this year's Miss Lady Ink UK competition, 24-year-old model and vocalist Dolly May from Westbury. Lady Ink UK is an annual competition organised by Nancy Norté Promotions, whose aim is to empower tattooed women and bring attention to their colorful lifestyles. Now on it's second year, Lady Ink UK crowns a plus-sized model whose tattoos helped her gain the confidence she possessed to win the competition.

“It’s still a bit of a shock to be honest. I’m so thrilled to have won,” said Dolly May. “I was so nervous when I was up on stage, I was shaking like a leaf. The compere was very good though and made me feel as comfortable as possible and my mum was there in support too.”

The competition had six rounds in which the six Lady Ink UK competitors showcased one another's talents in rounds such as singing, costume, burlesque, and of course, tattoos.

Dolly May revealed that she drew strength from the tattoo of the passage from a poem she recited on her grandmother's funeral which was on display throughout the competition. Long before the competition, it was the same tattoo that helped her overcome bullies and cyber trolls who did their hardest to break her spirit.

“I used to get bullied quite badly, especially online. My confidence was at rock bottom and I never thought anyone could ever be proud of me,” said Dolly May.

“So I decided to get some tattoos to cover myself and I’m now the winner of a tattoo competition. My family and friends are really proud of me and I’m the most confident I have ever been.”

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