Fun Tattoo-Inspired Luxury Stickers By Italian Brand Delicatezzen

Get your stuff all tattooed with Delicatezzen's luxury stickers that boast high quality stickers featuring tattoo-inspired designs!

If you can't get enough of your tattoo flashes and think your laptop, bags, or trainers need a bit of ink therapy as well, then you might want to check out Italian brand, Delicatezzen's line of luxury stickers. Boasting good quality and design, these luxury stickers are great for decorating your phones, laptops, and even the most unlikeliest surfaces—bags, shoes, and more!

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The Delicatezzen luxury ecoleather stickers were especially made to be resistant to humidity and rain, thanks to 3M adhesive. These stickers are also all made in the home country of Delicatezzen, in Italy.
Many of the Delicatezzen sticker designs feature traditional American style tattoo featuring prominent tattoo symbols like anchors, mermaids, swallows, heart daggers, and roses.
Find out more at the official website of Delicatezzen!