Gothic Realistic Tattoos By Moni Marino

Gothic Realistic Tattoos By Moni Marino

Fall in love with the talented Moni Marino and her stunning realistic tattoos...
Moni Marino is working at her tattoo studio Black Barock Art Palace in Essen, Germany. As a tattoo artist, a painter and a model, she is one of the most inspiring female tattoo artists of the world. Her style is jaw-droppingly realistic, with a gothic and baroque touch.
Her tattoos are admired (and sometimes unfortunately copied) and coveted. Her paintings are inspiring many other artists and tattooists. Her gothic doll look is also attracting her fans, who do not hesitate to ink her portrait. Discover the stunning work of Moni Marino!
The gorgeous Moni Marino, photo by Sonja Saur #MoniMarino #tattooartist #tattooedmodel #sonjasaur
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