Hozier on The Late Late Show.

Hozier Surprised With Fan's Tattoo Of His Face

Because I don't think anyone is ever really prepared for that sort of thing.

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During a recent appearance on The Late Late Show, the 25 year old Irish singer got the surprise of a lifetime. 

Hozier on The Late Late Show.
Hozier on The Late Late Show.

Host Ryan Tubridy revealed to the star that an English woman named Leanne had gotten a portrait of him tattooed on her arm. He then proceeded to show Hozier a video the woman had taken of herself- showing her tattoo and playing her favorite song of his. 

Leanne's Hozier tribute tattoo.
Leanne's Hozier tribute tattoo.

In addition to the black and grey portrait of the singer's face, she also had his signature tattooed where he had previously signed her arm. 

Hozier's initial reaction to the tattoo.
Hozier's initial reaction to the tattoo.

Visibly shocked, Hozier humbly stated that "there's better mugs out there" and then added- "It's incredibly flattering...I think it's whatever you're passionate about, whatever makes you happy." 

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In a final response regarding the whole thing, he graciously said "Thank you. What do you say?" 

What DO you say? I think he handled the situation pretty flawlessly- considering how incredibly surreal seeing something like that must be. What a guy.  



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