Inventive Surreal Tattoos By Koit

Inventive Surreal Tattoos By Koit

Koit's surreal tattoos will have you questioning the world in which you live.

Get your fix of conceptual and graphic tattoos with the work of Shachar Ozery aka Koit.

Shachar Ozery is most famous under the pseudonym of Koit. Based in Berlin, Germany, he specializes in illustrative tattoos, often invoking surrealism in his subject matter. Experimenting with digital software designs and tattoo techniques, Koit creates striking designs. His dark linework is accompanied by bright touches of color. He also plays with dotwork, geometry and abstract art. 

Part of what we love about Koit's work is the little imperfections — the occasional stray line, the splotches of color bleeding out side of the lines. Of course, these aren't actual imperfections, each one is a conscious choice by the artist, but they give the viewer the effect of looking at an unfinished sketch. 

Creative dotwork! #Koit #dotwork #handtattoos

Look at the brilliance that can be achieved with very meticulous stippling! 

Unique piece #Koit #graphictattoos
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Contemporary art lovers will be seduced by this style, it truly is on the cutting edge of tattoo art. Many of Koit's tattoos remind us of the work being done by the renowned French artist Xoil.

Breath-taking piece! #Koit #graphictattoos
Abstract sleeve ##Koit #graphictattoos

Koit can be found him in his shop in Berlin, as well as frequent guest spots throughout Europe or via his Facebook and Instagram.

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