James Franco at his most recent book signing JamesFranco temporarytattoos

James Franco Rocks Fake Tattoos At Signing For New Book

James Franco and his penchant for fake tattoos strike again.

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If there's one thing that could make James Franco even hotter than he already is, it's a bod full of tattoos. 

At a signing for his new book of poetry titled "Straight James/Gay James" Franco showed up with arms full of (possibly drawn on with sharpie) temporary tattoos. This look was probably a nod to the cover art of his book, which was designed by one of our favorite artists Cheyenne Randall, aka IndianGiver- who has become extremely well-known for his photoshopped, tattooed celebrities. 

Got some smudges there, buddy. JamesFranco temporarytattoos
Got some smudges there, buddy. #JamesFranco #temporarytattoos
Knuckle *game* strong. See what I did there? JamesFranco
Knuckle *game* strong. See what I did there? #JamesFranco

Franco and Randall have collaborated on several projects together- and we're not complaining, considering they're two of the greatest people on the planet (that's fact, not opinion, by the way.) So keep up the great work, guys. 

Another 'shopped photo of Franco by Randall. photoshop JamesFranco byCheyenneRandall
Another 'shopped photo of Franco by Randall. #photoshop #JamesFranco #byCheyenneRandall

But okay, James. Gonna get real with you for a second. You're an adventurous guy. It's time to man up and get those tattoos for real, now. Enough of this temporary shit. We're ready for the real deal. 

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