Jaw-Dropping Realistic Tattoos By Levgen

Jaw-Dropping Realistic Tattoos By Levgen

Eugene Knysh aka Levgen does tattoos that are even better than reality!

More famous as Levgen, tattoo artist Eugene Knysh is based in Wroclaw, in Poland. He specializes in realistic tattoos.

With smooth colors and an eye for details, his creations are always jaw-dropping. Levgen truly has mad skills when it comes to composition and light effects. He masters natural designs as well as breath-taking portraits. Check his work on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

Realistic snake tattoo by Eugene Knysh #snaketattoo #realistictattoos #Levgen #EugeneKnysh
Realistic portrait tattoo #realistictattoos #Levgen #EugeneKnysh
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