Judges and Contestants Have A Blast at Tattoo Event in Alaska

Judges and Contestants Have A Blast  at Tattoo Event in Alaska

Alaskan tattoo artists judge some wicked pieces at the Chrome and Ink Tattoo Party...check them out.

At the end of last month the 6th Annual Chrome and Ink Tattoo Party in Anchorage, Alaska handed out awards for the best tattoos over multiple categories including best sleeve, mural, black & grey pieces, the fixer-upper and even Harley Davidson themed designs.

The Chrome and Ink Tattoo Party held at the House of Harley Davidson is a great example of one of the many events where people gather to share and appreciate ink and tattoo culture. The number of shows and conventions per year is growing throughout the globe and a huge part of these events are the contests. At the Chrome and Ink Tattoo Party it's the tattoo wearers who get the awards and local artists who judge them. But how do the judges decide what makes an awesome tattoo?

Each tattoo is scrutinized with a careful eye for accuracy in line, shading color application and intricacy. Tattoos are also judged on placement, originality and creativity. The choice for tattoo design is so wide these days the judges have a lot to choose from. There is also a category for people with the worst tattoo as well. The fixer-upper award is judged on how ugly the tattoo is and the prize awarded certificates to help remove the tattoo. 

Photographer Bob Hallinen for the Alaska Dispatch News documented the judging in action and gives a different perspective on tattoo events. Contests are a big part of the fun so look out for them at your next convention or tattoo event and get involved. 

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