Keep On Riding With These 11 Wheel Tattoos

Keep On Riding With These 11 Wheel Tattoos

If you have a passion for riding, you also must have a passion for wheels. Then you might just need a wheel tattoo!
The is one of the biggest inventions of the mankind, and we still try to create ways for improvements! We all love the wheel, but not many appreciate it that much in their lives, For those of you who do, here are 11 wheel tattoos for some inspiration!
Huge neck wheel piece, by @nixx383
Wheels of Fire tattoo, by @raul_olddog
Black and grey winged wheels, by Alain Lacoste
Ride Till The Wheels Fall Off tattoo by Alfonso at Glass Beetle Tattoo
Ride these wings! by Chip Harris
The flying wheel and a compass, by Chris Hold
Colorful wheel tattoo, by Jainha Espadas
Bike wheel with wings constellation, by Luis Miguel Hinestroza
Black and grey flying wheel over the clouds, by Mike Lussier
Matching bicycle wheels, by Princess Von Shirry
Love for the wheel, by Sergej at Mask Tatouage
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