Killer Blackwork Knife Tattoos by Egbz Dirtyhands

Love some bold blackwork tattooing? Then take a look at these knife tattoos by Egbz Dirtyhands!
Daggers and knives are a tattoo classic and will forever be a solid tattoo choice for anyone. As striking, as they are beautiful, the knife tattoos of tattoo artist Egbz Dirtyhands are perhaps some of the finest of the day and are definitely worth your time. Tattooing in a bold and heavy blackwork style Egbz takes his knife tattoos to new levels of awesome and they make for some killer black tattooing!
From combat knives to switchblades Egbz knife tattoos have them all and everything in between. A brilliant blackwork artist who produces quality body art Egbz is an artist who you must certainly admire and follow.
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