Lady Tattooer Laura Craver's Vibrant Color Tattoos Are Astonishing

Lady Tattooer Laura Craver's Vibrant Color Tattoos Are Astonishing

Alaska's top lady tattooer Laura Craver creates stunning colorwork tattoos that are living art on skin

Anchorage, Alaska's resident lady tattooer Laura Craver is Rebirth Tattoo by Vinnie's top artist with a pretty impressive portfolio. She has tried her hand at a multitude of styles but favors the striking neo-traditional style and color-work. She believes part of becoming a great tattoo artist is to learn a variety of styles so you can master line, shading, color and composition that make a strong basis for a good tattoo. Her passion for color-work really shines through and mastering color saturation came from getting to know how to use the right tools and how different skin types react to the needles. 

Learning how color works on skin is vital to a vibrant tattoo and she even admits in the learning curve she had to rework some of her own pieces to get the exact result she wanted. This kind of dedication is exactly what you should look for in a tattoo artist and if you are ever in Anchorage this is the lady you should be booking for your next appointment. 

You can see more of Laura Craver's stunning tattoo work on her  Instagram  account.

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