Liam Payne Does Something Cool, Gets Tattooed By Nikko Hurtado

"Some times I don't know who my clients are until after my daughter flips out about it." It's okay, Nikko. We understand.

To be fair,  he doesn't really strike us as a One Direction kinda guy. 

That's right, Liam Payne- 1/5 (or 1/4? I honestly don't know anymore) of boy band One Direction has officially gained a right of passage into the tattoo world, as he was recently tattooed by one of the masters of modern tattooing- Nikko Hurtado. 

Hurtado posted this photo to Instagram, with a pretty hilarious caption explaining that he didn't really know who Payne was until his daugther- who's apparently a big fan- freaked out about it. He continues on to applaud the boy-bander for sitting so well. Good for you, Liam. 

Hurtado & Payne via Nikko Hurtado 's Instagram #NikkoHurtado #Payne #onedirection

"Hey some times I don't know who my clients are until after my daughter flips out about it. Was an honor tattooing @fakeliampayne from #onedirection the last few days. Did a rework on his hand and started something new on his forearm. Tough dude sat like a champ. @blackanchorcollective" 

Shortly after, he posted this photo to his Instagram, showing off the impressive start to a killer black and grey clock-themed sleeve on Payne. 

LiamPayne 's new black and grey clockwork sleeve in progress by Nikko Hurtado #blackandgrey #LiamPayne #clockwork #NikkoHurtado

"What I started yesterday on @fakeliampayne still need work top watch is just laid out not complete yet. Fun tattoo and fun sleeve to start. Can't wait for the next sitting."

Liam Payne from One direction. Startraks Photo / Rex Shutterstock #liampayne #onedirection

Hate to say it, but I can't wait to see the rest of this sleeve pan out. Anything Hurtado touches turns to gold- even super boy-banders.