Look Into Your Future With Crystal Ball Tattoos!

Look Into Your Future With Crystal Ball Tattoos!

If you wanna look into the unknown and maybe even see your future - these crystal ball tattoos are here for you!

Crystal balls have for centuries been used in the practice of fortune telling and predicting ones future. 

Also known as a glass ball or orbuculum, the use of crystal balls is dated back to Celtic times and the practices of Druids in predicting the future and omens. Today crystal balls are more commonly associated with fortune tellers and the performance of clairvoyance and scrying in particular. Crystal ball tattoos are inspired by these mysterious objects and who knows they may even bring you some good fortune in regards to your future! 

Crystal ball tattoos are a popular choice for a bold traditional tattoo and we're going to show you why. A strong design with great symbolism you really can't go wrong with crystal ball tattoos, so here's some inspiration in case you fancy your own crystal ball tattoo!!

Crystal Ball Tattoo by Tony Firstbrook #crystalball #fortuneteller #traditional #tonyfirstbrook
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