Mike Giant Stars In Major Lazer & Pharrell's New Music Video

Tattooer & all-around fine art renaissance man Mike Giant takes center stage in the video for "Aerosol Can" and absolutely KILLS IT.

That's right. In a new music video for Major Lazer feat. Pharrell Williams' new song appropriately named "Aerosol Can," OG Mike Giant gets the chance to flex his artistic muscles in a whole new setting. With over 20 years of tattooing, grafitti & other various forms of fine art under his belt- Giant can now officially add "music video star" to his resume.

Known best for his bold, clean, black and white illustrations and lettering, Giant's work is pretty damn impeccable- whether it's on a piece of paper, the side of a building or human skin... And also, we now know, on a wall to the thumping beat of Major Lazer. 

Portrait of Mike Giant #MikeGiant #tattooedman #artist
Artist Mike Giant at work.. #work #MikeGiant #artist

The pair enlisted director Kyle de Pinna to film & Giant to render the lyrics to the song "Aerosol Can"  on a blank wall in conjunction with the tune- and the outcome is pretty sick. 

Mike Giant in Major Lazer & Pharrell Williams music video for "Aerosol Can" #mikegiant #majorlazer #pharrellwilliams #musicvideo #aerosolcan

With sped up imagery of Giant busting out his signature, grafitti-esque lettering along with some cool animation, the video is absolutely mesmerizing. To put it plainly, it's fuckin' dope. 

Mike Giant in Major Lazer & Pharrell Williams music video for "Aerosol Can" #mikegiant #majorlazer #pharrellwilliams #musicvideo #aerosolcan

Check out the video below to watch Giant do his thing. And hey- the song isn't too bad either.