New Tattoo Inspired Clothing Range From Designer Shoji

Designer Shoji showcased his tattoo-inspired Autumn 2016 collection in New York this month.
In February Designer Tadashi Shoji showcased his Autumn/Winter 2016 collection which was inspired by tattoos and tattoo art. Geometric and tribal patterns give the impressions that the models are covered in body art.
He told The Malayan Mail online: “Skin ornamentation, our second skin, but without pain. What is ornamentation? A dress is ornamentation, a tattoo is ornamentation. Young people are doing all that tattooing. But for a dress, for one night, it looks like skin ornamentation and then peel off, next, after party or next day.”
What do you think, would you wear one of Shoji's tattoo inspired outfits?
Tattoo inspired fashion by Shoji. Photo:
Full tribal body suit. Photo:
Tattoo inspired geometric dress by Shoji. Photo: