Jack Osbourne shows off his ever-growing tattoo collection. celebrity

Ozzy's Still My Favorite Osbourne, But His Son's Backpiece Is Cool Too

He may never occupy the place in my heart that his father does, but Jack Osbourne gets major credit for his epic Japanese backpiece.

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I will always give credit where credit is due- and in this case, that credit goes to Jack Osbourne. 

The members of the Osbourne family are no strangers to tattoos. When your dad is Ozzy Osbourne- the Godfather of Heavy Metal- I imagine that being a total badass is sort of a pre-requisite. 

Tattoos run in the family. ozzyosbourne celebrity
Tattoos run in the family. #ozzyosbourne #celebrity

Daughter Kelly may have removed most of her tattoos, but her brother Jack, 30, is doing quite the opposite. Along with traveling the world and  poppin' out cute babies with his beautiful wife, he's constantly adding to his impressive tattoo collection. His latest addition is a giant Japanese backpiece. 

Early stages... japanese tattoo backpiece celebrity
Early stages... #japanese #tattoo #backpiece #celebrity

Jack recently posted this photo to his Instagram with the caption: “Here’s something that most people don’t know about me … Safe to say Mum wasn’t thrilled at first #tattoos #backpiece.”

via Instagram (@jackosbourne) japanese tattoo backpiece celebrity
via Instagram (@jackosbourne) #japanese #tattoo #backpiece #celebrity

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Well goddamn Jack. We're sorry Sharon didn't like it, but... We do. 

The in-progress, enormous piece on his back shows a Samurai battling a dragon, complete with you know, like, waves and flowers and shit. He really went for it, and we're giving him mad props. We love celebrities who have the balls to get heavily tattooed and we can't wait to see what's next for Jack. 



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