R&B Artist Omarion Gives An Insight On His Tattoos

R&B Artist Omarion Gives An Insight On His Tattoos

Ever wondered what's the meaning of the tattoos of R&B star Omarion? Well, now you can find out!
Omari Ishmael Grandberry aka Omarion is an American R&B singer and songwriter, he's also dipped his feet into acting. Best known as the lead singer of R&B boy band B2K Omarion has had a pretty successful solo career and is set to release his sixth solo album Reasons later this year. He recently spoke to Real 93.2 and opened up about his extensive tattoo collection, so if you've ever wondered what Omarion's tattoos mean to him then you're in luck!
Omarion's first tattoo was a scorpion on his back, and it certainly wasn't a decision taken lightly! "First tattoo I ever got is on my back, and it is a scorpion, which is my astrological sign. I'm a Scorpio, and it's holding the world. It might look like it's ripping the world apart, but it's actually holding the world. ..I was 18. It was a very in-depth and thought-out process. Where I'm from, the tattoo culture is big, so you can't just be gettin' no tattoos that don't represent nothin'"
Omarion (Photo: Katherine Tyler) #omarion
With such an extensive collection of tattoos it's no surprise to see the work of some of the tattoo world's biggest names, including black and grey master Jun Cha. "I recently got a new tattoo by a really dope artist named, Jun Cha, he does these black and whites. This is just my first sitting, but it's a lion, and it's a rose, and the lion represents my son. I just had my first child, he's a Leo, so I got the lion...The rose just represents love."
Lion Tattoo by Jun Cha (Photo: Katherine Tyler) #omarion
Omarion's tattoos honor both his life and inspirations, two of the most important being Michael Jackson and his hometown! "On this arm [left], I have a picture of Baby MJ. That infamous picture of him with his Afro, and he's looking off into wherever. But I have a city, I'm from Inglewood, I got the palm trees. When you're from the West Coast, you got West Coast pride. "
MJ Tattoo (Photo: Katherine Tyler) #omarion
One of Omarion's most interesting tattoos is the bold portrait of Medusa on his left forearm! "I'm a big fan of Greek art. And I always thought the idea of Medusa was really interesting "
Medusa tattoo (Photo: Katherine Tyler) #omarion
Although, the vast majority of Omarion's body art is done in black ink he does have a little color thrown in for good measure on his left bicep."That's the all red tat right there. That's my favorite color. And I think it really looks dope. It almost appears not like it's a tattoo. It's almost like a henna [tattoo], or something like that." 
(Photo: Katherine Tyler) #omarion
A standout tattoo of the singers is the script on his neck/throat that reads Forgive Me."You know how everyone believes the idea [that] we're all born into sin? That kinda stuff, like no one is perfect. So, it's just kinda like a public service announcement. Forgive me for all this."
Forgive Me Tattoo (Photo: Katherine Tyler) #omarion
Near the Forgive Me script is a striking tattoo of an eagle that shows Omarion's love of animals. "The eagle just, the [another one of the] animals that I love. It soars, it sees everything. So eagle on my neck. Boom I'm lookin' at your ass talkin', sayin' something."
Eagle Tattoo Is Sweet (Photo: Katherine Tyler) #omarion
With his sixth album on the way, Omarion has a lot to look forward to and we're sure he'll be back under the needle soon enough to commemorate his latest project.
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