Radical Tattoos By Greggletron

Take a look at these awesome and solid tattoos by Greggletron!

Greggletron is an artist who works at Scapegoat Tattoo, Portland, USA. His work reminds me of solid action-packed 90's way of tattooing and the tattoos have so much going on yet it's simple and visually enjoyable.

Cool composition by Greggletron
Cool composition by Greggletron
Awesome tattoo by Greggletron
Awesome tattoo by #Greggletron


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    Funky tiger head lady by Greggletron
    Funky tiger head lady by #Greggletron
    Cool morph tattoo by Greggletron
    Cool morph tattoo by #Greggletron

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    Surreal skull tattoo by Greggletron
    Surreal skull tattoo by #Greggletron
    Awesome composition by Greggletron
    Awesome composition by #Greggletron
    Eagle vs. Dragon tattoo by Greggletron
    Eagle vs. Dragon tattoo by #Greggletron
    Wolfhead tattoo by Greggletron
    Wolfhead tattoo by #Greggletron

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    A tattoo artist working at Good Hand Tattoo, Metro Manila, Philippines. Forever a student of tattooing, art and life. A loving husband and a proud father of three. Follow me on Instagram @rcallejatattoo


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