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Ronan Keating Gets New Super Sentimental Tattoo

A strong *sensitive* man with tattoos? We'll take it.

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Irish singer-songwriter Ronan Keating has a lot going for him. Like, you know, his face. And his abs. And his hot wife. Oh... and his voice. But what really sells us on this dude? His growing collection of tattoos, obviously.

RonanKeating celebrity
#RonanKeating #celebrity

Keating was recently off gallivanting around on a gorgeous vacation with his gorgeous wife, doing gorgeous people things- when they decided it was time to take a trip to the good 'ol tattoo parlor for some vacation ink. 

The artist's wife, Storm, posted this photo to her Instagram, along with the caption: 'Adding to the collection #Tattoo #BondiInk #Coordinates #Dublin #Archerfield #Sydney'

Ronan Keating getting new ink via Instagram (@stormkeating celebrity
Ronan Keating getting new ink via Instagram (@stormkeating #celebrity

Ronan followed up post-tattoo with this shot- the caption reading: ‘The Origin of the coordinates will always be where my heart lies #Dublin #Archerfield #Sydney"

Dublin is the city where Ronan was born, Archerfield is where he married Storm, and Sydney is where the couple met. Pretty fucking adorable huh?

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New tattoo via Instagram (@ronankeating) celebrity
New tattoo via Instagram (@ronankeating) #celebrity

As always, we are stoked to see celebrities getting tattooed. Keep up the good work, Ronan.



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