Duane Katz, DIY tattoo removal extraordinaire. tattooremoval tattoo traditional sailor

So, This Guy DIY-ed His Own Tattoo Removal...

And you'll never guess what he did with it afterwards.

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I get it, laser tattoo removal is expensive. Not everybody has an extra couple thousand dollars laying around for the procedure- and understandably so. However, that being said- not everybody decides to just do it themselves, either. 

But, this guy did. 

The man, the myth, the legend.. Duane Katz. tattooremoval tattoo traditional sailor
The man, the myth, the legend.. Duane Katz. #tattooremoval #tattoo #traditional #sailor

Meet former sailor Duane Katz of Orlando, Florida. Duane apparently didn't feel like doing things the mainstream way, so he took matters into his own hands. Literally. Here's how he went about his at-home tattoo removal: 

He fucking packed his arm in salt and then rubbed it consistently for several days and then the tattoo just fucking FELL OFF HIS ARM. IT LITERALLY PEELED OFF HIS ARM. W H A T. 

Katz' removed traditional sailor tattoo.
Katz' removed #traditional #sailor #tattoo.

The tattoo, so saturated in salt and apparently loosened by the friction of constant rubbing, literally peeled off his skin- almost fully intact. Aside from a small hole underneath the main image, the tattoo is pretty much- and amazingly-entirely intact. 

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traditional tattooremoval sailor tattoo
#traditional #tattooremoval #sailor #tattoo
You can barely see where Katz' old tattoo was. tattooremoval sailor tattoo traditional
You can barely see where Katz' old tattoo was. #tattooremoval #sailor #tattoo #traditional

Now, I'm sure everyone is wondering- what exactly do you do with an almost entirely undamaged piece of your own skin donning one of your old tattoos? Well. You frame it and give it to your girlfriend, obviously. 

Katz' former tattoo, framed and hanging in all it's glory. tattooremoval sailor traditional
Katz' former #tattoo, framed and hanging in all it's glory. #tattooremoval #sailor #traditional

No word on how she liked the gift. I guess every girl really does want a piece of her man, though, right? It's the thought that counts. 

If you're trying to get a glimpse of it for yourself, you can see Katz' old tattoo in the flesh (see what I did there?) at Ripley's Believe It Or Not! in London. 



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