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So, Todd Chrisley is F****ing PISSED That His Son Got A Tattoo

Not even the fact that it's a giant-ass Bible verse could save the poor kid from his father's wrath.

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So, for those of you who don't know, Todd Chrisley is a super-loaded entrepreneur who- like everyone else who is even remotely rich and/or famous these days- has his own reality show. The show centers around his extremely good looking family and the shit that extremely good looking families do. It's totally unlike every other reality show out there about good looking families who essentially do nothing. 

Well, in a recent sneak-peak of an upcoming episode of the reality show, "Chrisley Knows Best," E! shared some exclusive footage of Chrisley's son is shown at a tattoo shop waiting to get inked for the first time.  

"I think, since it's a Bible verse, then my dad shouldn't really care if I get it," Chase explained. "My dad's never gonna see my tattoo anyway, so there's nothing to worry about."

LOL. Guess again, kiddo. Cue the photos:


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    NOT happy. #celebrity
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    The big reveal.. #celebrity

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    So yeah, if you can tell through all the plastic surgery- he is fucking PISSED. Guess you'll have to tune into the episode to see what it is about this religious tattoo that his face is trying really hard to look mad about. 

    Apparently Chase made a deal with his father to remove his new Bible verse tattoo in exchange for a Range Rover. He attended 13 tattoo removal sessions: "That was the worst pain I ever gone through in my entire life!"



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