Tallulah Willis repping her tattoos.

Tallulah Willis Got Another Sean From Texas Tattoo & It's The Cutest

A dedicated Sean From Texas client, Willis has added yet another piece to her collection.

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Tallulah Willis has obtained the reputation of being the kooky, free-spirited one of the Willis bunch- so it's only natural that Sean From Texas would be her tattoo artist of choice. 

Already having tattooed several little pieces on the celeb's bod (Tony Hawk's name on her ass, for instance)  Sean From Texas recently added another little treasure to her arm. This time it's an adorable illustration of a walkie talkie. 

Willis' new walkie talkie tattoo by Sean From Texas.
Willis' new walkie talkie tattoo by Sean From Texas.

I don't know if there's any meaning behind the roughly drawn little piece of machinery, and I don't really give a shit- because it is so dang cute. Or maybe I should say "rad."  


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    Take a look at Willis' other Sean From Texas goodies below. We can't wait to see what's next. 

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