Tattoo Artist Chase Tafoya Is Inspiring Us With His PMA

Tattoo Artist Chase Tafoya Is Inspiring Us With His PMA

Be inspired and motivated by Chase Tafoya's amazing tattoos and positive mental attitude.

"Caution: Contents Hot!"

That's the sort of thing you'd expect to see on the top of your coffee cup in the morning. Unless you're Chase Tafoya.

As well as creating astoundingly beautiful realistic tattoos, artist Chase sends out PMA (positive mental attitude) into the world every day by decorating his morning hot drink with a motivational quote, and sharing it on his Instagram.

You can be inspired by a morning motivational quote by following Chase on Instagram, who works in a private studio in Oregon, USA.

In an industry founded on respect, perseverance and hard work, Chase's opinions are true to tattooing and full of wisdom. No egos, no bullsh*t, just great art and positive thinking. We applaud you, Sir.

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!" Photo: Chase Tafoya Instagram. #ChaseTafoya

Chase's comment on one of his Instagram photos:

"Getting ready to tattoo for the day, thinking how this craft is one of the few things left in society that you must earn to achieve the final result. You have to be patient, face certain fears, and go through some pain. Same with anything worth having in this life. People always assume I was born with the ability to do art, but they don't see the sleepless nights, daily sacrifices, and 10,000+ hours that's been put into my craft. Many times I felt like quitting and never looking back. Having persevered through it all, I love these crafts (painting, drawing, tattooing) that are my passion, have earned whatever skills God has allowed to lend me, and couldn't be more grateful for the position I am in now. I feel like I've blown up overnight... it just took me 10 years to get here!"

Rose tattoo. Photo: Chase Tafoya Instagram. #ChaseTafoya #rosetattoo
"Be the light in a dim world." Photo: Chase Tafoya Instagram. #ChaseTafoya
"Never stop learning." Photo: Chase Tafoya Instagram. #ChaseTafoya
PERSEVERE. Photo: Chase Tafoya Instagram. #ChaseTafoya
"Never lose your imagination." Photo: Chase Tafoya Instagram. #ChaseTafoya
Colorful tattoo by Chase Tafoya. Photo: Chase Tafoya Instagram. #ChaseTafoya #fullsleeve
"Starve your ego, feed your soul." Photo: Chase Tafoya Instagram. #ChaseTafoya
CAN'T... CAN. Photo: Chase Tafoya Instagram. #ChaseTafoya
PMA coffee cups. Photo: Chase Tafoya Instagram. #ChaseTafoya
My favourite... Be Yourself. Photo: Chase Tafoya Instagram. #ChaseTafoya
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