Tattoo-Inspired Lip Art And More By Andrea Reed

Tattoo-Inspired Lip Art And More By Andrea Reed

Up and coming Canadian-based makeup artist, Andrea Reed brings us her brand of lip art featuring different art styles.

As we all know, makeup art has been catching up as an art form. Past the usual contouring and unconventional lip shades, the makeup-savvy crowd have been experimenting with their goods from Drop Decay and Sephora to makeup that's much more suited for a taste of outer space rather than a strut in the catwalk (although these days, it's hard to tell them apart.)

Makeup artist and YouTuber Andrea Reed is slowly but surely dipping her toes into the world beyond makeup techniques and contouring into the emerging makeup art culture. Recently, she totally wowed all of us with her rendition of famed Japanese artist, Hokusai's ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ on lip art.

Aside from the Japanese style piece, Reed also incorporated different art styles in her lip art pieces such as pixelated, hyperrealism, blackwork, and sacred geometric.

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