(Instagram: @chelseagabrielle) TattoodoBabes

#TattoodoBabes Of The Week: Chelsea Gabrielle, Natalie Jurrjens & More

A roundup of #TattoodoBabes that won the internet this week...

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For those of you who have yet to hear about #TattoodoBabes, let us bring you up to speed...

Each and every week we gather up some of the most crush-worthy tattooed babes the world has to offer and put them all in one place for your viewing pleasure. It's extremely sweet and thoughtful of us, and also convenient for our beloved readers. We do our best to help you out.

Below is a gallery of the most popular babes this particular week, featuring scantily clad beauties, sandy beach bums, and bed selfies. 

You're welcome!

10. Meg Girard

(Instagram: @meg_girard) TattoodoBabes
(Instagram: @meg_girard) #TattoodoBabes

9. Ellis Cooper

(Instagram: @elliscooperofficial) TattoodoBabes
(Instagram: @elliscooperofficial) #TattoodoBabes

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8. Serena 3000

and that puppy face! (Instagram: @serena3000) TattoodoBabes
and that puppy face! (Instagram: @serena3000) #TattoodoBabes

7. Lucas Wagner & His Boo

are forever our relationshipgoals. (Instagram: @wastedhappyyouth & @frnksson) TattoodoBabes
are forever our #relationshipgoals. (Instagram: @wastedhappyyouth & @frnksson) #TattoodoBabes

6. Annika

(Instagram: @annitotheka) TattoodoBabes
(Instagram: @annitotheka) #TattoodoBabes

5. Natalie Jurrjens

(Instagram: @nataliejurrjens) TattoodoBabes
(Instagram: @nataliejurrjens) #TattoodoBabes

4. Katya Krasnova

(Instagram: @katya_krasnova) TattoodoBabes
(Instagram: @katya_krasnova) #TattoodoBabes

3. Risa Marie

(Instagram: @reesuhh) TattoodoBabes
(Instagram: @reesuhh) #TattoodoBabes

2. Sara Mills

(Instagram: @saraontheinternet) TattoodoBabes
(Instagram: @saraontheinternet) #TattoodoBabes

1. Chelsea Gabrielle

(Instagram: @chelseagabrielle) TattoodoBabes
(Instagram: @chelseagabrielle) #TattoodoBabes

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