The Aesthetic Tattoos Of Normal Carrey

The Aesthetic Tattoos Of Normal Carrey

New York-based artist Normal Carrey a. k. a. Kaiyu Huang creates aesthetically tasteful tattoos as he veers away from his initial style.

Educated at Parsons School of Design in New York City, Chinese artist Normal Carrey is slowly and surely making a name for himself in the scene with his own aesthetic brand of tattoo art featuring statuesque portraits and geometric elements.

Carrey started out as a ‘tattoo artist without a tattoo’ in 2013. He started tattooing as an amateur but soon got absorbed in the art form and acquired his own license.

His English name, Normal Carrey, was derived from his freshman year in college. “When I was learning english I needed an english name, Kaiyu sounds like Carrey and my teachers said I was normal in the evaluation paper!” he told Wild.

Fun fact: Carrey was kicked out of his dorm room in college for tattooing. “[I] got kicked out from the dorm because of tattooing so [I] need to tattoo harder to prove myself!” he insisted.

Carrey names his artist grandfather as his biggest inspiration in both life and art career. “He taught me to eat the food dropped on the floor, keep playing basketball when [you] have a bleeding knee, go to school with holes in my shoes and most importantly, focus only on the real deal,” he told Wild.

If you look more into Carrey's older works, you'll notice that most of the tattoos were made up of geometric, black and grey pieces with a red-orange hue as the dominant color.

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