The Best Of East And West: Tattoos By Hiro

The Best Of East And West: Tattoos By Hiro

Asian and Americana style tattoos by Hiro from Cotton Pickin' Tattoo.

These solid tattoos done by Hiro, an awesome artist from Japan, tackle the fundamentals of what makes a tattoo look timeless and built to last.

The basic of a tattoo is the line drawing. What takes it a step further is the shading and color. These are fundamentals of the tattoo styles of the East and West. Both of which have been adopted and utilized by Hiro, a tattoo artist who works at Cotton Pickin' Tattoo.

The traditional Japanese style and Americana may look a lot different but the traits of these two contrasting styles are not really far from each other. The tattoo work done by Hiro prove this to be true. 

Here are some awesome tattoo works by Hiro:

All photos and tattoos from Hiro's Instagram.

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