The Broken Hand Tattoos Of Olivier Poinsignon

Olivier Poinsignon pushes the boundaries with conceptual graphic tattoos.

Based in Chamalières, in France, Olivier Poinsignon is a creative tattoo artist and illustrator. His tattoo experiments are connecting tattooing with contemporary art as well as human spirituality.

Olivier Poinsignon is referring to his style as "broken hand" as well as "rigidification". The first term describes the rough, even a bit trash, aspect of his tattoos. The second one to his use of geometry and bold lines. Questioning the limits of art and tattoos, he works with his clients and collaborate with other tattoo artists in a very emotional and creative way. Getting a tattoo by Olivier Poinsignon is an experience in many ways... If you are curious about innovations in tattoo art, check the universe of this French creative mind on Facebook and Instagram.

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Awesome graphic couple dance #blackwork #graphictattoos #OlivierPoinsignon
Awesome graphic couple dance #blackwork #graphictattoos #OlivierPoinsignon