The Tattooed Man: Rapper Common is gonna be in Suicide Squad!

The Tattooed Man: Rapper Common is gonna be in Suicide Squad!

Will Common's villain in Suicide Squad be The Tattooed Man?

We can't wait for Suicide Squad to come out! It's still a few months away, with a release date set for August 5th, but the news doesn't stop; the latest leak is that Common will be playing a villain inspired by the DC comics character the Tattooed Man! Damn this movie has a lotta tattoos! 

Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr., aka Common, is yet another tattooed character in this movie, following in the footsteps of Jared Leto (as the Joker). There have been plenty of rumors about Common's role in the movie, as pics of him on set have leaked, but now it seems we are getting some confirmation.

Complex put out a video of an interview with Common, where he talked a little bit about his character in Suicide Squad. So we finally got a name!

Common: "My role is basically as a character who is in business with the Joker, his name was Monster T."

While there is no reference to "Monster T" DC universe, it seems this villain is inspired by the Tattooed Man. The official IMDB page for Suicide Squad lists Common's character as Monster T, the character bio redirects to the Tattooed Man. This villain is a lesser known DC character who appeared in Green Lantern comics a few times. Coincidentally, Common was almost cast as the Green Lantern!

The first Tattooed Man (Abel Tarrant) was a sailor who gained his powers through tattooing strange chemicals into his skin which allowed him to conjure and produce objects through his tattoos. The second (John Oakes) was an incarcerated inmate who learned how to tattoo ink which allowed him to trap people as images beneath his skin. The third (Mark Richards) was a Marine, hitman, then reformed hitman who tattooed the "sins" of men he had killed onto his body; he also had a history with both Deadshot and Slipknot who will appear in Suicide Squad portrayed by Will Smith and Adam Beach respectively.

Anyways, the new leaked shots of Common covered in tattoos and piercings got us like...

Common put it best in the interview:

"The movie is dope though."

Check out the Complex video below to hear from the man himself.

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