The Versatility Of Poetic South Korean Style Tattoo Artist Doy

The Versatility Of Poetic South Korean Style Tattoo Artist Doy

It may have taken tattoo artist Doy to quit his day job but he's now definitely in the game and winning it every step of the way.

Doy is one of the top artists in the South Korean tattoo scene today. With his fine line tattooing, versatility, and an eye for a beautiful color palette, there's no doubt about how he came to be one of the most sought-after tattoo artists in the country.

Before officially passing through the doors of the tattoo scene, Doy spent ten years working for an IT company as a designer—merely spending his spare time tattooing then. He kept his day job to suffice for his artistic pursuits. It took Doy a long time before he decided that the calling of tattooing was too strong for him to ignore. 

“I decided to follow my passion, so I quit my day job and now I work full time as tattoo artist,” he told Yo Tengo Un Sueño.

 A meaningful conversation with a middle-aged man made Doy re-think his life choices from where he's standing. “He made me question again my current lifestyle, and that’s when I decided that I needed to change things that I didn’t like in my life,” he shared. “After carefully planning my transition from a day-job guy to a tattoo artist, I decided to start my new life.”

Kickstarting his career as a tattoo artist proved to be one of the best decisions Doy made in his entire life. His local clients loved him and his Instagram fans—all 145k of them can't get enough of him.

Doy is famous for his ‘South Korean’ style tattoos as well as the blackwork and dotwork pieces he ventures in. The subtle and pretty tattoos he's well-known for is simply the tip of the whole iceberg. He's not your typical South Korean tattoo artist. And his works are evidence enough for that bold statement.

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