Tom Clancy's The Division: Gaming with Tattoos is BADA$$

Tom Clancy's The Division: Gaming with  Tattoos is BADA$$

This one's for the gamers! Tom Clancy's The Division is a crazy game with the bonus of letting you tattoo your character.

You start off in Brooklyn. It's pandemic chaos. A terrible virus has hit NYC and is spreading across the US infecting the population. The system has completely fallen apart. The sick are dying. Those that aren't sick are rioting, stealing, and killing to stay alive. Marshall law is in effect. Several gangs are fighting for control of Manhattan. And you are a special agent charged with ending the bullsh*t.

This game is DOPE!

Aside from running around a TO-SCALE virtual replica of NYC, you can also make your character look awesome by dressing them in cool clothes and - you guessed it - tattooing them.

The selection is actually quite disappointing (mostly tribal, with an odd sugar skull or rose) and limited to the neck (which is the only visible part of the body considering you are duking it out in a wintery wasteland formerly known as Manhattan. Gotta say that other games, such as GTA or NBA2K, have done a better job with tattooing in videogames, but overall, the quality and selection could definitely be improved for all of them. 

Check out the video below (tattoo selection shows up at 3:37 mark), or cop the game and see for yourself, while also unleashing hell on those dumbass rioters that decided to try to take the city from us!

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