Top 15 Of The Week: Anaïs Chabane, Niki Norberg & More

Each day we scour the internet in search for the absolute best artwork the industry has to offer.
Today, we've compiled a little collection of the most liked tattoos of the week for you to peruse in one convenient location. The following tattoos are the best of the week- chosen by our friends, fans, followers, and staff. From stunning realism, to bold traditional, to intricate blackwork- take a peek and let us know what you think!
1. Julian Siebert 
2. Callum Laird
3. Steve Boltz
4. Andres Acosta
5. Kelly Violet
6. Nissaco 
7. Grime 
8. Niki Norberg 
9. Anaïs Chabane 
10. Boris 
11. Chaim Machlev 
12. Flo Nuttall 
13. Philip Szlosek
14. Josh Pasciucco
15. Nikko Hurtado