VIDEO: 100 People Got Tattooed For This Jägermeister Ad

VIDEO: 100 People Got Tattooed For This Jägermeister Ad

And it's the coolest thing ever.

The geniuses over at Jägermeister had a vision for their latest ad, and although it may have seemed far-fetched... they made it happen. 

For this commercial, Jägermeister set out to recruit 100 people that would be willing to get a tattoo that would eventually be a part of the elaborate stop-motion ad they dreamt of creating. By making a large initial call for participants, they were able to select the people who were most likely to follow through and actually get the tattoo they asked of them. Tattoo artists then took to drawing extremely specific illustrations that would, eventually, when placed next to each other in a video- creating a seamless, tattoo-based moving illustration. 

The fact that 100 people were willing to be tattooed for a commercial is almost as incredible as the finished product. Check it out for yourself below. 

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