Video: The Who's "Tattoo" Live at Leeds

The Who thinks tattoos make you a man. Listen to them sing about why.
The Who, 1960s-formed English Rock band, is by far one of the most influential bands in Rock n Roll history- and while they have dozens of songs we love, it's only natural that our favorite is a track appropriately titled "Tattoo."
The Who
"Our old man didn't like our appearanceHe said that only women wear long hair
So me and my brother borrowed money from MotherWe knew what we had to doWe went downstairs, past the barber and gymnasiumAnd got our arms tattooed
Welcome to my life, tattooI'm a man now, thanks to youI expect I'll regret youBut the skin graft man won't get youYou'l be there when I dieTattoo"
The Who
While I don't agree with only women wearing long hair (some of the sexiest men on the planet have long hair, I mean- Johnny Depp? HELLO?) I would have to agree that I think there's nothing hotter than a sexy man with some good 'ol fashioned tattoos.
So by all means, fellas- after you watch this badass video of The Who's "Tattoo"... go downstairs, past the barber and the gym- and get your arms tattooed. But don't borrow money from your mother. That's just lame.