Wait, Did David Beckham's 16 Year Old Son Brooklyn Get A Tattoo?!

Wait, Did David Beckham's 16 Year Old Son Brooklyn Get A Tattoo?!

The 16 year-old celebrity son may or may not have slipped up a bit with an almost instantly deleted Instagram photo revealing some ink.
HOLD THE PHONE! In today's super important news, David and Victoria Beckham's 16 year-old son Brooklyn might have gotten a tattoo.
Someone managed to get a screenshot of the selfie before it was deleted off of Brooklyn's Instagram.
Brooklyn recently posted a photo to his Instagram, a black and white selfie to be precise, where there is very clearly SOMETHING peaking out from under his shirt on his chest. That "something" looks an awful lot like a tattoo. Which would be, you know, crazy, because he is a child.
Brooklyn & Victoria
He deleted the photo almost instantly, in what I'm sure was either an "OH SHIT MY MOM IS GONNA SEE THIS" moment, or an equally panic-stricken "OH SHIT THE REST OF THE WORLD IS GOING TO SEE THIS, AND THEN GIVE MY PARENTS SHIT FOR IT" moment. Or you know, maybe it was a "PEOPLE AT SCHOOL ARE GOING TO THINK I'M SO LAME WHEN THEY FIND OUT THIS ISN'T REAL AND I ORDERED A TEMPORARY TATTOO OFF ETSY BECAUSE TATTOODO TOLD ME TO." You never know, but I'm putting my money on one of those scenarios.
Like father, like son...
Brooklyn's insanely hot and heavily tattooed father David Beckham has spoken freely about his wishes to keep his children tat-free. 
“The boys have already said they’re having tattoos done,” David said in 2013. “And I said, ‘Well, be different. Don’t have any tattoos.’”
Sorry, David... but by the looks of it, that might already not be in the cards for your eldest.
With parental consent, of course, tattoos are fine. I guess. I don't know. I can't imagine the kinds of things I would have wanted to get tattooed when I was 16 years old... it's actually kind of stressful to think about. Growing up and trying to find yourself throughout those awkward teenage years is hard enough as it is, and when you're the child of powerhouse celebrities who is constantly in the spotlight- growing up too fast inevitably becomes an issue as well.
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