Jeremy Meeks' famous mugshot. JeremyMeeks model tattooedmugshot

Well, That Hot Mugshot Guy Has Been Released From Prison

Hop in line, ladies.

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That's right- the day has finally come. That fateful day when Jeremy Meeks, resident prison hottie, has been released from incarceration. 

Meeks' famous mugshot. JeremyMeeks model tattooedmugshot
Meeks' famous mugshot. #JeremyMeeks #model #tattooedmugshot

Meeks rose to fame in 2014 when his mugshot was posted on the Stockton Police Department website, and panties dropped 'round the world. That stare, the tattoos, those cheekbones- Meeks' had ladies all over the place begging to be added to his visitation list. Who cares if he was arrested for being a felon with possession of a firearm, right? He's hot.

via Meeks' instagram (@jmeeksofficial) JeremyMeeks model tattooedmugshot
via Meeks' instagram (@jmeeksofficial) #JeremyMeeks #model #tattooedmugshot


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    Rumors of a modeling contract were swirling around surrounding his overnight internet fame, and I gotta say- that wouldn't be a horrible gig straight out of prison. It's usually pretty difficult for felons to find work post-jail, but with a face like that- we have a feeling it might not be an issue for Meeks. In fact, a reality television series is potentially in the works...

    Your'e all thinking it, so I'm just going to say it. What the fuck is this world coming to? Sigh. Here, just look at his face some more. Maybe it will numb the pain of thinking about our crumbling society.

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    Jeremy Meeks JeremyMeeks model tattooedmugshot
    Jeremy Meeks #JeremyMeeks #model #tattooedmugshot
    And a matching brother?! 2 for 1 special. JeremyMeeks model tattooedmugshot
    And a matching brother?! 2 for 1 special. #JeremyMeeks #model #tattooedmugshot



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