Why Are Tattoos So Expensive?

Why Are Tattoos So Expensive?

A new useful video from MasterPieceTattoos reveals all!

"What does a small quote tattoo on my wrist cost so much?"

The words every tattoo artist has heard! Often all of the work that goes into creating an amazing tattoo isn't understood by the client.

That's why MasterTattoos in Barcelona have created a video to explain the hard work and costs that all contribute to making your great tattoo.

One of the topics covered in the video is how much of the cost of your tattoo your artist actually keeps. Artists contribute towards studio overheads and will only keep 40% - 60% of what you've paid for your tattoo. 

Presenter Silvia also explains all of the preparation that happens before you get tattooed - don't be impatient, it's not going to happen quickly, no matter how small your tattoo.

Watch the video below!

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