Lace and her surprise admirer fantattoo bachelorstar

Fan Surprises Bachelor Star Lace With Tattoo Of Her Face

Former "Bachelor" contestant Lace got the surprise of a lifetime from one *very* dedicated fan..

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So, yeah. This is fucking nuts. 

"Bachelor" star Lace, who willingly dismissed herself from the hit television series, was harmlessly chit-chatting with Chris Harrison, discussing life after the show- when Harrison asked her about her tattoo.  

Lace on The Bachelor bachelorstar lace
Lace on The Bachelor #bachelorstar #lace

She explained, and almost immediately after she was done speaking- an audience member interrupted. 

“You are crazy,” the guy says to Lace. “But you’re crazy beautiful. I don’t want to seem crazy myself, but I have to show you this one thing.”

*cringe* fantattoo
*cringe* #fantattoo

And sure enough... this random dude got a GODDAMN TATTOO OF HER FACE ON HIS RIBS. WHAT THE HELL. The reveal was followed by some uncomfortable smiling, a few nervous laughs and the most awkward photo ever taken. You just need to watch the video. Take a look below. 

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