10 Carnivorous Venus Flytrap Tattoos!

10 Carnivorous Venus Flytrap Tattoos!

When it comes to plant tattoos, the Venus Flytrap is always a badass choice!

Vegetal tattoos don't always have to be cute flowers, just take a look at these wicked Venus Flytrap tattoos...

Dionaea Muscipula aka the Venus Flytrap is a carnivorous plant native to the subtropical wetlands of East Coast of America. Perhaps one of the most recognized plants in the world the Venus Flytrap is famed for how it catches its prey and traps them in its leaves. Definitely a plant tattoo with an edge, Venus Flytraps make a bold alternative to the more peaceful plant tattoos!

Suited to a number of styles Venus Flytrap tattoos are a cool idea and perfect for anyone after a more adventurous flower tattoo. Check out these sweet Venus Flytrap tattoos and enjoy some carnivorous ink!

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