10 Creative Game Boy Tattoos

10 Creative Game Boy Tattoos

Nintendo fans will love these Game Boy tattoos!!

Love gaming and tattoos, then you'll be thrilled with these Game Boy tattoos! 

In 1989, Nintendo launched the first Game Boy and for the next 20 years released a number of other variations. The original Game Boy and follow up Game Boy Color sold 118.69 million units worldwide, and in total over 200 million Game Boys were brought by gamers across the world! Of course, the gaming industry moved on but the Game Boy will never be forgotten, especially if you have a Game Boy tattoo! 

Game Boy tattoos are as cool as they sound and can be brilliantly creative! Taking you right back to your youth and the birth of handheld gaming these Game Boy tattoos are sure to entertain and inspire! They may even push you to get your own awesome Game Boy tattoo. 

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