10 Ominous Blackwork Plague Doctor Tattoos

10 Ominous Blackwork Plague Doctor Tattoos

A dark style suits a dark subject, especially with plague doctor tattoos!

They once helped to treat plague victims, they now make a sweet tattoo- especially in blackwork!! 

Plague doctors were medieval physicians who specialized in treating plague victims. Hired by cities and communities the plague doctor treated rich and poor alike, although most plague doctors lacked any real medical training. Noted for their striking appearance a plague doctor often wore long cloaks and a large beak-like mask, filled with aromatic items believed to protect them from infection. Arguably one of the creepiest looking doctors in history the plague doctor makes for one interesting tattoo subject, especially in blackwork! 

Blackwork plague doctor tattoos are by far some of the coolest blackwork tattoos around and arguably the best choice for a plague doctor in ink. Now there's nothing wrong with a colorful plague doctor tattoo, but something about blackwork just works. Checkout these blackwork plague doctor tattoos and see why they're so damn good! 

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