10 Proud Sitting Bull Tattoos

10 Proud Sitting Bull Tattoos

One of the most famous and respected Native American's in history, Sitting Bull, makes one cool tattoo subject!

A beautiful idea for a portrait tattoo Sitting Bull tattoos are brilliant! 

Sitting Bull was a Hunkpapa Lakota holy man who led his people through years of resistance to the United States government. Perhaps the most famous of all Native American's Sitting Bull remains a symbol of Native American history, culture and tradition. So if you're after a tattoo rooted in Native American symbolism, Sitting Bull is a good way to go. 

The most popular Sitting Bull tattoos are usually realistic black and grey portraits, although in reality you could get a Sitting Bull tattoo in any style you like. Check out these proud Sitting Bull tattoos and see how good they can be!! 

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