10 Radiant Pelican Tattoos

10 Radiant Pelican Tattoos

While not the most common of bird tattoos, Pelican tattoos still have their merits!

Do you want a bird tattoo that's a little out of the ordinary? Then it's a good idea to check out these radiant pelican tattoos.

Characterized by their long beaks and large throat pouch pelicans are widely recognized birds and have more symbolism than you might first think. In Ancient Egypt pelicans were associated with death and the afterlife, often being featured on the walls of royal tombs. The Christian tradition the pelicans symbolize charity, seeing it as a representation of the Eucharist... It's safe to say then that pelican tattoos can have numerous meanings.

Pelican tattoos suit a number of styles but find most popularity in either color traditional or neo-traditional. While not as common as some bird tattoos pelican tattoos certainly have some style.

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