10 Villainous Two-Face Tattoos

10 Villainous Two-Face Tattoos

As one of Batman's most enduring enemies Two-Face makes one hell of a tattoo!!

At one time Two-Face was the upstanding district attorney of Gotham City and ally of Batman, Harvey Dent. Driven insane by an acid attack, the left side of his face scarred, that's why Dent adopted the name Two-Face and a life of crime.

Deciding good or bad outcomes on the flip of a coin Two-Face has been an adversary of Batman for decades and now he's bringing his supervillain persona to tattoos. 

Two-Face tattoos are one of many popular Batman villain tattoos and are certainly some of the best. Whether they're inspired by Two-Face of the comics or movies Two-Face tattoos won't leave you wanting but inspired to get your own villainous Two-Face design!! 

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