11 Exhilarating Matador Tattoos

11 Exhilarating Matador Tattoos

You don't have to love bullfighting to love these matador tattoos!

Matador tattoos are as energetic and exciting as a tattoo can be!

Bullfighting has been practiced for hundreds of years, and while some see it as a blood sport others see it as a cultural event. Thankfully with these matador tattoos no bulls were harmed! The matador or 'matador de toros' (killer of the bulls) is the main performer in a bullfight, usually the most senior fighter, and is the one who kills the bull. Now while bullfighting is rather questionable, these matador tattoos are pretty awesome! 

Matador tattoos often depict the classic image of a well dressed matador fighting a bull, although they can simply feature the matador and no bull. Best done in a bold traditional style matador tattoos have an exhilarating design that stands out and what's even better, is  that the bull doesn't get hurt! Give some time to these matador tattoos and see why they might just surprise you!

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