11 Formidable P-40 Warhawk Tattoos

11 Formidable P-40 Warhawk Tattoos

Warhawk tattoos are the ultimate badass among aircraft tattoos!

Fighter planes don't get much cooler than these warhawk tattoos! 

The Curtis P-40 Warhawk first flew in 1938 and saw action throughout WWII. One of the most recognized aircraft in the world the Warhawk is famed for its 'shark mouth' paint job and its fearsome look makes for a great tattoo subject. 

An awesome tattoo for any plane enthusiast Warhawk tattoos celebrate the legacy of the P-40 and puts its striking appearance into some brilliant body art. Whether it's done in a traditional, new school or realistic style Warhawk tattoos don't disappoint and will have you loving that aircraft ink!

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