11 Maritime Sextant Tattoos

11 Maritime Sextant Tattoos

Sextant tattoos are a quirky nautical themed design perfect for anyone after an off the wall maritime tattoo!

Suited to a number of styles sextant tattoos look cool and don't disappoint.

A traditional navigational instrument used to measure the angle between two visible objects the sextant remains a symbol of the age of naval exploration and now makes for a cool tattoo! Sextant tattoos are filled with a variety of meaning and symbolism, whether inspired by the maritime beginnings of western tattooing or the countless nautical tattoo ideas sextant tattoos look awesome. 

If you're planning on getting your own nautical themed tattoo but don't feel like going down the anchor or ship route then the sextant maybe the design for you. Take a look at these sweet sextant tattoos and see how much they inspire you!

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