12 Enduring Amund Dietzel Girl Head Tattoos

12 Enduring Amund Dietzel Girl Head Tattoos

Tattoo legend Amund Dietzel created some timeless designs, one of the most notable being his girl head!

Girl head tattoos don't get more iconic than that of Amund Dietzel!

Amund Dietzel is a tattoo legend. Beginning around 1907 Dietzel spent the rest of his life tattooing and shaping the industry. Responsible for a number of classic designs that are still in use today Dietzel is a true godfather of modern tattooing. Perhaps Dietzel's most known design is his girl head. Featuring a masked woman Dietzel's girl head has remained a popular design throughout the last century. 

The Dietzel girl head is truly a timeless design and these modern recreations will show you why. Sit back and embrace that old school ink created by a tattooing legend!

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