15 Legendary Baba Yaga Tattoos

15 Legendary Baba Yaga Tattoos

Rad tattoos inspired by witchy Russian folklore.

Ancient tales full of imagination have inspired some creative Baba Yaga tattoos.

Baba Yaga is a famous character coming from Russian folklore. Half witch, half evil deity, she can takes many aspects. The most famous one is an old woman, but she certainly can be more seductive. Tales are picturing her capturing children to eat them. Her universe is thus often macabre, but with some funny elements, such as her hut on its chicken legs... This famous hut is a great source of inspiration for Baba Yaga tattoos. The fame of the fascinating witch has crossed the borders and influenced art. Quite popular, Baba Yaga tattoos are all very creative and full of mystery. If you enjoy old legends, take a look at these cool examples of Baba Yaga tattoos!

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